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Modern Calendar & Date Picker Add-in for Excel

Modern Calendar & Date Picker Add-in for Excel

Modern Calendar & Date Picker Add-in for Excel

We’re delighted to announce that another of our apps have been approved and is now available on the Microsoft Apps for Office Store.

The Modern Calendar and Date Picker add-in for Excel is our new and extremely useful Excel add-in that you wish you always had.

I’m sure you, like me, have been very frustrated in the past when working with dates in Excel. The Modern Calendar and Date Picker add-in for Excel was designed and developer to make selecting and adding dates to your Excel document simple and straight forward. But added to that, it’s also an amazingly useful reference tool that can be used to display a Calendar right there within your Excel documents.

You can spruce up your Excel documents that you share with others by including the add-in in your document and choosing your favourite theme that will live with the document. Modern Calendar and Date Picker add-in for Excel comes with a host of additional settings that you can choose from such as date formatting, week number and the option to include the current time.

We’ve also included dozens of themes for you to choose from to make your calendar compliment your document and make your use of the app more pleasurable.

Download the Modern Calendar and Date Picker Add-in for Excel from the Microsoft Apps for Office Store today. Click here now.

Top 10 Apps for Office & Add-ins for Office 2013 (Excel, Word, Powerpoint & Project 2013)

If you hadn’t noticed yet, Microsoft have released their latest update to their popular office productivity suite, Microsoft Office. The latest release, Office 2013 is an impressive update from the last release. Apart from the major user interface overhaul, they have also added some incredibly cool new features. One feature that intrigued us most was the introduction of Apps for Office.

Office 2013 allows you to insert and add additional functionality to your documents in the shape of apps. To give you a flavour of what is now possible in your Office suite, we’ve pulled our top 10 favourite apps for Office and located them in one handy location (yes, here!). We’ll do our best not to be too biased and choose the very best apps to improve your Office experience.

  1. Modern Calendar & Date Picker Add-in for Excel
    Hot off the press, this is our latest app that has just been approved and is now available in the Apps for Office Store. We really think you’ll like this useful little app. Not only does it act as a nice calendar that can be shared and live with your Excel documents, but it also allows you to insert date and times into your documents in a simple and easy to use fashion.

    Price: $1.49 (FREE Trial)
    Download Now

  2. Percentage Calculator
    Percentage Calculator for Office Word & ExcelOk, ok, I know… I said I would be unbiased, but c’mon what did you expect? With all respect though, the Percentage Calculator developer by yours truly is a simple, yet impressively useful app for Office.The Percentage Calculator app is available for Word & Excel 2013 and is designed to help you easily solve those pesky percentage calculations that tend to take up too much brain power than they are worth. It will also allow you to insert your results into your document and even convert a range of cells with a simple click of a button!Price: Free
    Download Here
  3. Britannica Researcher
    Britannica Research App for OfficeProbably one of our favourite apps in the Office Store today. The Britannica Researcher app from Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc lets you search and browse over 80,000 articles  on everything from A-Rod to Zebras. Their contributors include over 100 Nobel Laureates plus subject gurus like Bill Clinton, Tony Hawk and Desmond Tutu. The app allows you to search, find and insert content and images directly into your document.Price: $4.99
    Download Here


  4. Bing Maps
    Bing Maps for OfficeThe Bing Maps app for Excel 2013 is developed by the Office creators, Microsoft. It is a great example of how interactive your documents can become when an app for Office content application is included in a document. Bing Maps app for Office helps you use location data from a given column and plot it on a Bing Map. It also provides basic data visualization using your location data.Price: Free
    Download Here


  5. Mini Calendar and Date Picker
    Datepicker for Excel 2013We love the simple apps and this app is probably the greatest of the simple apps on the Office Store today. If you ever used Excel add-ins in the past, probably top of your list was a date picker add-in. Well Vertex 42 have successfully ported a Mini Calendar and Date Picker to the app for Office model. Simple, yet incredibly powerful – a must have app for Excel.Price: $1.99
    Download Here


  6. Bubbles
    Bubbles app for Excel 2013Bubble app is another example of how you can make excel data more exciting and interactive. The Bubbles app for Office lets you visualize your data in a fun and interactive way. Your data is represented as bubbles of different sizes and colors with realistic physics behaviors. Select a table of data and see bubbles sizes represent the number of times each distinct value appears.Price: Free
    Download Here


  7. Sticky Notes for Office
    Sticky Notes App for Office 2013I’m sorry, but I had to include this amazingly cool app! It’s not my fault we built it!!  The Sticky Notes app for Office is a very handy addition to your Word or Excel documents. You can create multiple notes, which when saved are remembered the next time you load the app and even across applications. Of course, this really cool app is FREE!!! Get it now! :-) Price: Free
    Download Here


  8. OmniPage File Converter
    OmniPage File ConverterThe OmniPage File Converter fromNuance Communications is a really powerful app. Take advantage of the world’s most accurate OCR technology to quickly extract text from image files and insert it into your Microsoft Word document. The OmniPage File Converter will give you the productivity boost you’ve been looking for by preventing you from having to retype documents so you can get things done faster and more efficiently. You can scan images or PDFs and edit them directly in your Word 2013 document.Price: Free
    Download Here


  9. MindMapper
    The MindMapper app allows you to create Mind Maps directly in your office applications. Mind mapping is a great way to add structure to brainstorming sessions and visualize your ideas. Brainstorm, organize, and manage directly in your Office application, using a built in visual canvas. This app is truly impressive and extremely useful, it should be in everyone’s Office Toolbox.Price: $2.99 (Free trial available)
    Download Here


  10. Bing Dictionary
    Bing Dictionary app for Office 2013What would Office be without a decent dictionary? Well a lot really, but you should never under estimate the power of a good dictionary. And that’s exactly what Bing Dictionary is. Bing Dictionary allows you to look up words from highlighting the word in your document. This instantly invokes a search for that word or phrase and displays the results in the right hand side of your application.Price: Free
    Download Here


  11. Pro Word Cloud
    Pro Word Cloud app for OfficeWant to create beautiful looking Word Clouds to insert into your Office applications? Then Pro Word Cloud is the app for you. It allows you to create word clouds from directly from the text within your document. You can tweak your clouds with different sizes, fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create are yours to use as you like. And the best bit is that it’s free!Price: Free
    Download Here

So there you have it, our favourite apps for Office 2013 to date. We will constantly update this list when ever better apps come online. We’ll also cover apps for Outlook and apps for SharePoint shortly – so please stay tuned!

Sticky Notes for Office : Word 2013 & Excel 2013

Sticky Notes for Office - app for OfficeThe App Refinery are delighted to announce that we have been able to secure another app in the apps for Office Store.

The latest app to be approved in the Office Store is our Sticky Notes for Office app. The app is a sticky notes app that can be used in Microsoft Word 2013 and Microsoft Excel 2013.

Sticky Notes for Office allows you to create sticky reminders from directly within either Word or Excel and share it between these applications. It’s a simple, yet amazingly effective tool that will be a really useful addition to your Office documents. And best of all, it’s FREE!

To download the app, simply visit or of course download directly from within the Insert App section of Excel or Word.

Percentage Calculator Add-in for Excel & App for Office : Word 2013 & Excel 2013

Percentage Calculator app for Office 2013The App Refinery have just released the latest app in their apps for Office collection. The latest app is a very handy tool called the Percentage Calculator.

The Percentage Calculator app for Office was designed to work in Word 2013 and Excel 2013. With an easy to use interface, you can select the percentage calculation of choice and insert the results into your documents.

Added to that is the ability to highlight a selected range of numbers in an Excel spreadsheet and add or subtract a percentage amount. This automatically inserts the converted values directly back into your Excel spreadsheet.

We expect the app to be live on the store pretty soon, so please stay tuned and we’ll update this page with more details as we receive it.

The app is now live on the Office Store!

Download it now at

UPDATE: You can also use the free online Percentage Calculator here

Apps for Office 2013 – Our first apps go live!

The App Refinery are delighted to announce that our first set of apps for Office 2013 have gone live on the store. You can now download any of our apps from the store or within Word 2013, Excel 2013, Powerpoint 2013 and Project 2013.

Our initial set of apps were built just to demonstrate how powerful the new apps for Office model can be. We plan to develop more interactive and advanced apps over the coming months, so please stay tuned to see our progress and of course get your hands on some great apps for Office.

To give you a taste of our current selection, check out the info below…

My Facebook Photos app for Office 2013My Facebook Photos
My Facebook Photos app for Office which allows you to login to your Facebook account from directly within the Word client and let’s you select any image from your Facebook albums to insert them directly into your document. This app is currently on sale for just $1.49 at

Click here for more information



Imagr - Image search for Office 2013Imagr – Image Search for Office
Imagr works in a similar vein to the My Facebook Photos app. The key difference is that it lets you search all the latest and greatest photos uploaded from amateur and professional photographers to the Flickr image network. Imagr is currently available for free on

Click here for more information



Calculator for Excel 2013Calculator for Excel 2013
A very simple, yet exceptionally handy app. The App Refinery’s calculator app allows you to insert a calculator into any of your excel documents so you don’t ever have to leave your Excel document to calculate those tricky sums that require the use of a calculator. The app is currently available as a trial on

Click here for more information



Search The Web App for Office 2013Search The Web for Office 2013
Another very simple, yet extremely handy app. The App Refinery’s Search the Web app allows you to search Google from directly within your Office application including Word 2013, Excel 2013, Powerpoint 2013 and Project 2013. The app is currently available for Free on

Click here for more information